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We offer waxing for Female and Male clients. Waxing is a very effective form of hair removal that removes hair from the root. This is why waxing lasts much longer and waxed hair grows back softer and finer. Ideally for waxing, hair length needs to be just over 1/2 CM long. The longer you stick with waxing the longer you will notice you can go between waxing appointments

Female Waxing

Half Leg Wax 20 mins £20
Half Leg & Bikini/Underarm Wax 30 mins from £27
Full Leg Wax 30 mins £28.50
Full Leg & Bikini/Underarm Wax 45 mins from £33.50
Bikini Wax 10 mins £14.50
G String Bikini Wax 15 mins £17.50
Thigh Wax 20 mins £20.50
3/4 Leg Wax 30 mins £22.50

Arm Wax

Underarm Wax 10 mins £14.50
Half Arm Wax 15 mins £18.50
Full Arm Wax 20 mins £20.50

Facial Wax

Lip Wax 5 mins £10
Chin Wax 5 mins £10
Lip & Chin Wax 10 mins £14
Eyebrow Wax 15 mins £13

Lycon Waxing


Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils that condition the skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Lycon wax delivers superior performance, removing even short, stubborn hairs. Due to the low temperature of the wax, it is excellent for sensitive skins, with reduced discomfort and irritation. This makes it the perfect wax to use for Female Intimate Waxing Treatments (Brazilian wax & Hollywood wax).

Under Arm Wax £16
Bikini Wax £16
G String Bikini Wax £19
Brazilian Wax £38
Hollywood Wax £38
Eyebrow Wax £15
Lip & Chin Wax £15
Lip Wax £11
Chin Wax £11
Price on request for any other areas
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