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Facial Treatments


ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Age Defy

Tackle fine lines and wrinkles with the clinically proven* age-defying benefits of marine charged Padina Pavonica and Red Coral. Targeted massage encourages optimum cellular function for nourished, younger looking skin.

* Independent Clinical Trials

55 mins £69

ELEMIS Pro-Definition Lift and Contour

Powered by breakthrough technology, this facial helps restore the architecture of the face using the potent nutrients in plant actives found to help support the extra-cellular matrix. Creates a profoundly sculpted, youthful effect.

50 mins £69

ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Precision Peel

Clinically proven* to target the signs of ageing and uneven skin tone, this pioneering precision treatment uses layers of enzymes for powerful exfoliation and renewal. A new start for smoother, younger looking skin.

* Independent Clinical Trials

55 mins £69

ELEMIS White Brightening Pigment Perfector

Restores even skin tone, targeting unwanted areas of pigmentation. Encapsulated Vitamin C acts as a potent brightener, inhibiting future pigmentation. The result is a more even, colour-corrected and illuminated complexion.

55 mins £69

ELEMIS Superfood Pro-Radiance

A nutritional boost rich in superfoods and essential minerals designed to pack stressed, dull skin with energising, detoxifying actives. Clinically proven* to leave skin plumper, radiant and lit up with good health.

* Independent Clinical Trials

55 mins £69

ELEMIS Sensitive Skin Soother

Fragile skin needs special attention. A soothing massage technique helps reduce the appearance of redness and protect against daily stresses. Texture and moisture levels are dramatically restored. Skin is left supremely soothed, comfortable and calm.

55 mins £59

ELEMIS Anti-Blemish Mattify and Calm

A revelation for oily, congested or hormonal skin. This mattifying facial helps combat oil and shine, while intuitive massage helps restore micro-circulation. A deeply detoxifying treatment for clear, bright skin.

55 mins £59


BeautyLab Glycolic Facial

GLYCOLIC is a unique resurfacing treatment that utilises pomegranate enzyme to relieve congestion, pigmentation, age spots and dullness.

40 mins £40


The award winning CACI (Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument) has gained the reputation as the finest micro current machine available. Backed by over twenty years of medical research, the principle of the treatment is muscle re-education, lifting and toning the face or body contours, reminding the muscles of how they used to be. Treatment results are often so dramatic that CACI has become known as “The non-surgical face lift”. The treatment also affects the skin tissues, clients will find lines softened and skin tissue refined. The CACI treatment is completely safe and totally painless. The skin takes on a wonderful glow and has a firmer more supple appearance. The treatment is as much preventative as corrective and is therefore suitable for all ages. A Course of 10 is recommended initially, followed by a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks. Following a course of treatments, wrinkles are dramatically reduced, fine lines smoothed and softened, puffy eye bags visibly diminished.


CACI Non Surgical Facelift

This treatment has twenty years of medical research behind it and works by re-educating, toning and firming the facial muscles. Improving skin elasticity and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

55 mins £50
Course of 10 £425

CACI Eye Lift

This treatment will work to lift and firm the muscles around the eye area, smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

20 mins £29
Course of 10 £246

CACI Jowl Lift

The new CACI Quad probes have been designed to specifically target loose sagging muscle around the jaw line. Lifting and firming facial contours.

20 mins £30
Course of 10 £255

CACI Non Surgical Facelift

55 mins
With Jowel Lift £59
Course of 10 £500

CACI Ultra Skin Rejuvenation

Ultrasonic vibrations gently exfoliate and deep cleanse the skin, and then LED photo stimulation is used to soften lines and wrinkles. Leaving your skin smoother, brighter and thoroughly hydrated.

35 mins £45

CACI Active Acne/Acne Rosacea

LED red and blue light therapy is used for their anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. A smoothing and calming hydro mask is then applied reducing redness and irritation.

A course of treatments will calm inflamed skin and stimulate tissue regeneration and healing. The appearance of acne and skin blemishes is visibly reduced.

A course of treatments will calm inflamed skin and stimulate tissue regeneration and healing. The appearance of acne and skin blemishes is visibly reduced.

25 mins £25

CACI Hydratone

Hydratone uses an intensive anti-ageing gel mask combined with active rollers which restore muscle tone and propel ingredients deep into the skin. This will instantly rehydrate, revitalise, soothe and calm the skin

Add to any CACI Facial for £10
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